WPS Dongle-2


WPS-Dongle 2 wireless projection system is a powerful gear for road warriors which is easily carried, set up and operated with portable size. Simply plugging this dongle to any display with VGA connector, you could do the professional wireless presentation right away.

  • Chocolate-bar size with light weight
    WGA-120 is the smallest wireless presentation system which can hook projector up directly
  • Up to 30fps network screenprojection speed
    Project PC screen with video smoothly disregard to video format and resolution
  • WiFi AP-Client mode
    Allow WGA-120 to join the existing WiFi Access Point wirelessly for internet surfing
  • PoVGA
    Connect WGA-120 to a projector supporting PoVGA to supply the power directly from the VGA port
  • Windows and Macintosh� wireless projection supportive
  • MobiShow function supportive
  • Plug-and-Show (PnS) Driverless Installation
  • 4-to-1 Split Screen Projection
  • Near Real-time Network Screen Projection
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OSX 10.5 and above support
  • Smartphone Wireless Projection (MobiShow function)
  • Changeable Customized Image of Standby Splash Screen
  • Multiple Users Access
  • Web management including software download and device settings
  • Session Login Code and WEP/WPA key for security purpose
  • Wi-Fi standard 802.11b/g/n
  • WGA-120 Software User Interface

WGA-120 Software User Interface


High Performance Wireless Projection & Audio Projection
With the revolutionary high performance wireless projection with audio, you can easily share the multimedia on the big monitor with friends without cable hassle.

Easy installation
Download the software from web management page directly, or make a �Plug & Show� token to project wirelessly right away

Plug & Show
There is an easy tool to make a Plug & Show USB Token on UI menu. Just link your PC/Laptop to WPS (through WLAN or Ethernet), plug the token into a USB port, and in seconds, your screen will be wireless projected to the connected projector

Macintosh(Mac) wireless Projection
WPS-Dongle supports Mac client connected and projected wirelessly. By launching the Mac client software which can be downloaded from the web management page, WPS provide the same experience to Mac user to utilize the wireless presentation feature.

4-to-1 Split Screen Projection
With this 4-to-1 split screen feature, up to four PC screens can be projected to one projector in the same time. Thus you can easily do side-by-side comparison from four PC / PDAs to increase meeting productivity!

Change Standby Screen
You can use the application �Screen Image Background Maker� to change the Splash Screen. Design the image with message you would like to present, upload it through web control page, and you could have customized starting page.

AP Client Mode
You can enable the AP-Client Mode function to let WPS join the existing Access Point through Wi-Fi. This feature provides the flexibility of wireless network deployment in enterprise environment.

Support PoVGA
Connect WPS-Dongle 2 to a projector supporting PoVGA, the power can be supplied directly from the VGA port without external power adapter

Smartphone wireless projection
WPS supports MobiShow function for windows mobile 5/6 system. By launching MobiShow utility, MobiShow brings your mobile screen to big screen and which can play photos and PtG files stored in your mobile phone for presentation.



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